About me

Developer by trade and superhero at night (insert gimmicky bio here)...Why is it so hard to talk about yourself? Below is a bit more info about me, what I'm interested in and my work experience.


Born and raised on the sunny south coast of England, I was never an academic but I have always enjoyed problem solving. I was first introduced to the world of web development playing Yahoo! pool. I was part of a league system that required a website to be created to showcase their tournaments and being that 'know it all' 12-year old, I volunteered to create the site and from that, I guess you could say the rest is history.

Armed with a fresh copy of FrontPage and PhotoDraw I started on my self-learning journey into creating 100s of tables/framed based websites mostly for local bands and friends and family spending hours getting everything lined up 100% only to test on a different monitor and see that everything is out of alignment.

Fast forward a few years and I attend college and I was lucky enough to land a job at the college in their IT department working on their IT systems. Moving up from a junior developer to senior developer within the department I was able to get a key understanding of a number of different systems and programming languages.

A few years in I was able to provide the college with the direction they should take their front-facing website and it was here I found my love for WordPress and PHP development. From this point on I was hooked and knew I needed to progress my career to work with WordPress daily.

Enter Pragmatic. I applied for a junior developer job at Pragmatic and 4 years down the road I am thankful I was lucky enough to be offered the job. I took to the job like a duck to water (Complete lie, for the first few months I didn't have a clue what I was doing but due to the amazing people already at Pragmatic I've soon found my feet) and I've gone from strength to strength and moved up the ranks to my current position as a production team leader.

Outside of work much inline with moving to a career that really suited me the last few years have been more than I ever dreamed, I met my beautiful wife, we have both worked extremely hard which has allowed us to travel the world to the likes of Europe, USA, Caribbean, Aisa and Australia. We have now brought our first house and increased our little family in the size of a little black fluffy Cavapoo puppy. You can see photos of my travels and life on my Instagram.


Pragmatic, Team Lead - 09/2018 - Present

This is my current role at Pragmatic, as a team lead I oversee a newly formed production team. The team is focused on fast-paced development. A key drive is on the use of reusable code and content to allow for a streamlined delivery process. I lead all project undertaken by the team.

Pragmatic, Lead Support Developer - 03/2017 - 09/2018

I moved into the newly expanded support team at Pragmatic to head up the tech side of the team. This involved overseeing the other support developers, providing the tech direction for the department, being an escalation point for clients and working on the more complex tasks.

Pragmatic, WordPress Developer - 07/2015 - 03/2017

Working as a full stack developer on small to enterprise-sized project. This included custom theme development, bespoke plugin builds, discovery and definition sessions, project initiations document creation, tech plans, code reviews among other things.

Northbrook College, Developer - 08/2006 - 07/2015

Working on the colleges internal and external web systems. My daily tasks would utilise skills learnt in PHP, jQuery, SQL, ASP.NET. I also undertook a number of server and networking tasks.


I work daily within an agile methodology, I am skilled within a scrum team but I can also work in a waterful manor. I'm a positive team play that is always on hand to provide an input and advice where appropriate.

I can and have written in a number of different coding languages throughout my career and now primarily work with the following languages and tools WordPress, PHP, jQuery, SCSS, SQL, MySQL, Gulp, GIT.